Ticket System

This support system plugin will provide the best way to communicate with your online-shop customers.

Sooner or later, every online store owner should solve the problem of user support.

This usually happens at a time when it becomes clear that the phone is not always the best way to get customer feedback, since this type of communication does not provide the minimum set of functions necessary for working with customers.

In this regard, we have developed a support system that provides store owners with the opportunity to:

  • 1.Preserving the history of customer requests.
  • 2.Monitor and improve the professional level of staff.
  • 3.Simplify the process of solving issues - the client can open a ticket 24 \ 7
  • 4.Ability to select the appropriate department when submitting a ticket ("sales", "technical support", etc.).
  • 5.Allows to attach files to messages (both to the customer and to the employee of your store support department).
  • 6.Allows to select the priority of the ticket and its status ("in the process", "closed", "new", etc.).
  • 7.Notification of the client / employee about a new received reply.
  • 8.Configure the Support System settings (department email accounts, new ticket status, etc.)

=== ** please note that you have to be logged in your webstore account in order to see the list of tickets ** ===
Products specifications
NopCommerce Version V4.1